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artificial intelligence

Making the execution of documents simpler, faster, and cost effective.

At Docstur, we're pushing the envelope on what's possible in the field of machine learning and document automation. We are doing it in a way that is context specific so it creates value for all customers at a price everyone can afford.

Docstur shares the DNA of its customers

The Docstur team is comprised of people just like you. We're a startup located in San Francisco, California and come from all walks of life and backgrounds including engineering, law, real estate, academia, sales, and information technology. We're dedicated to our craft and strive for excellence. 
Our mission is clear and simple -  to give you your time back through an ecosystem which automates document review and execution. If you feel this mission resonates with you then Docstur could be a great fit. Stay tuned and check back periodically for updates on various positions and roles.
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