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It's Document Automation for the 21st Century

It simplifies the creation of templates no matter the type of document

With Docstur, you can modify and distribute documents throughout your organization with the click of a button. Authorized users receive access to your pre-approved templates. Docstur is mobile, desktop, and tablet ready!

It helps everyone reduce the amount of time they spend reviewing and revising documents

Time is valuable. Don't waste it trying to figure out how to structure or revise a document. Docstur's machine learning feature provides the tools you need to increase the likelihood your document will be executed without pushback.

It's ready out of the box without compromising your organization's infrastructure

Docstur eliminates the need to fit a square peg in a round hole through robust integrations. It's both cloud storage and e-signature agnostic. Select the option that works best for your organization now and in the future.

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