Frequently asked questions

What is Docstur, and what does it do?

Docstur is document automation solution and ecosystem. We help businesses automate the execution of documents across a wide variety of industries and reduce the amount time spent on those documents through context specific machine learning and robust voice commands.

How is Docstur different from contract management solutions?

Our product is completely focused on document automation which includes but is not limited to contracts and the storing of those documents. However, unlike contract management tools, Docstur's area of expertise is in high volume/ low touch documents. We know our niche and stay within that lane. We provide tools to: increase the likelihood your document will be signed and assist with addressing rejected documents or those receiving pushback. Plus, we provide various options for e-signature and cloud storage to help you manage documents as your organization sees fit. We’re integration agnostic and all about giving the customer choices. Your solutions should evolve and change as your organization evolves; not the other way around. Using Docstur means you maintain ownership and control over your documents. We believe businesses that have a clear understanding of who has access to which documents and when they are being accessed enhances document integrity and further supports company compliance and policies.

What types of documents is Docstur best suited to address?

Docstur is perfect for managing a wide variety of documents such as NDAs, master agreements, consulting agreements, leases, and other agreements that are high volume low touch. You can assess the clauses for any of those agreement types and take corrective measures in the event that document type gets rejected or pushed back.

Do I need professional services to implement Docstur?

No. Who wants to spend their time and money on professional services? Docstur can be implemented in a matter of minutes as opposed to several days or weeks. It’s so easy even Nana can use. We believe you should be able to use a solution as soon as you pay for it. Otherwise, you are wasting time, money, and talent that could be better spent elsewhere. Don’t take our word for it. Give it a try!

What's the difference between a user and an admin?

Docstur leverages two types of roles. One type is the Admin. An admin is a person who can add new users, authorize access to templates, modify templates, select cloud storage settings, require two factor authentication, and even embed Docstur into your website. A Docstur user is a person who is the recipient of a template authorized by the admin. They have the ability to send documents to end users that have been pre approved by the admin.